New Businesses in Beachwood

The City of Beachwood welcomes the following new businesses to the City, including companies who have expanded their business.

September - Certificate of Occupancies

Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital
3025 Science Park Drive
New Building, occupancy issued 9/18/2017
Contact: Nick Belfer (717-215-4411)

Bluecoats, Inc.
23300 Mercantile Road
New Tenant, occupancy issued 9/14/2017
Contact: Charles T. LoBello (216) 765-0181

3401 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 416
Tenant Alterations, occupancy issued 9/12/2017
Payroll and HR services
Contact: Daniel Goldstein (216) 346-0866

Design Accents & Interiors, Inc.
23880 Commerce Park, Ste. 2
New Tenant, occupancy issued 9/11/2017
Office space. Provides design and installation services of window coverings, bathroom, closets etc.
Contact: John Marcus (216) 360-9255
FX Media Solutions
3637 South Green Rd., Suite 3D
New Tenant, occupancy issued 9/6/2017
Photo/video recording, real estate video graphics, audio recording
Contact: Ishmell Owens (216) 214-2426

August - Certificate of Occupancies

Cleveland Clinic Women's Health and Ultrasound
26900 Cedar Road, Suite S-200
Tenant Alterations, occupancy issued 8/30/2017
Contact: Ron Lawson, Director (216) 444-2460

Forma Apparel Manufacturing, LLC
23715 Mercantile Road, Suite 109B
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/29/2017
Apparel manufacturing
Contact: Foroozan Alaeddini (440) 318-1900

27040 Cedar Road, Suite 102
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/29/2017
Contact: Amy Finkenthal (216) 470-1995

Steve Egar
24100 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 435
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/28/2017
Contact: Steve Egar (216) 360-9090
Northcoast Moving, Inc.
23800 Commerce Park, Suite H
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/24/2017
Storage for moving company
Contact: Peter Sussen (216) 283-5533

MakerGear, LLC
23500 Mercantile Road, Suite L
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/23/2017
Manufacture and sales of 3D printers
Contact: Karen Pollack (216) 765-0030

26300 Cedar Road, Suite 2220
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/23/2017
Retail - Shoes and Clothes
Contact: Store Manager (216) 378-9706

Brand Protect Plus LLC
23645 Mercantile Road, Suite B
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/14/2017
Call center and distribution of small appliance parts
Contact: Sandy Wheaton (216) 539-1880

Kim Ponsky Photography, LLC
3797 South Green Road
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/14/2017
Photography studio
Contact: Kim Ponsky (440) 781-7578

Phuong Hao Pham
23360 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 111
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/14/2017
Permanent makeup
Contact: Phuong H. Pham (515) 771-7759

Eric Greenberg
3601 South Green Road, Suite 320
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/14/2017
Consultants of construction projects, including scheduling, cost estimating and coordination
Contact: Eric Greenberg (216) 650-4170

Gregory Alonso Showroom
23245 Mercantile Road, Suite A
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/10/2017
Wholesale sales of fabric, wall covering and furnishing
Contact: Gregory Alonso (216) 469-4753

The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic
3733 Park East Drive, Suite 107
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/3/2017
Medical billing office and acupuncture
Contact: Dan Staniszewski (216) 464-7333

23600 Mercantile Road, Ste. 102
New Tenant, occupancy issued 8/1/2017
Research and develop low-power laser and laser application instruments
Contact: Michael Mao (216) 374-9376

 July -Certificate of Occupancies

Friends Not Partners LLC
25700 Science Park Drive, Suite 160
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/27/2017
Law firm
Contact: Ellen Mandell (216) 771-7080

23600 Mercantile Road, Suite 115
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/26/2017
Artist personal studio
Contact: Nadya Scheiner (214) 952-2435

23600 Mercantile Road #119
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/18/2017
Diabetic supply
Contact: Hirsh M. Hentierd (216) 396-6754

Anchor Cleveland, LLC
24500 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 100
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/14/2017
Commercial real estate brokerage
Contact: Heidi Metzger (216) 342-2558
Northshore Healthcare
25201 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 250 
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/13/2017
Medical office administrative offices, clinical office
Contact: Ryan Mandoke (440) 995-2767
QDRO Compliance Services
2101 Richmond Road, Suite 1018
New Tenant, occupancy issued 7/12/2017
Legal consulting to provide QDRO drafting and qualification services
Contact: Gary Shulman (440) 567-0000